Obama, Biden to announce millions for job training: Does the availability of training really matter if there are not enough jobs available?

  • Yes the availability of job training does really matter in the today's job market.

    In response to the announcement of job training funding by the President and Vice-President the availability of job training is important getting American to full employment. The with getting American to full employment is training people to fill the jobs that are available and that will be growing in the future. For example in the heath care and computer technology the job vacancy rates exceed 35% of to the lack of qualified applicants. We need to train people to fill the jobs of a changing economy.

  • Yes it does

    Yes, because if people are getting the education they will fill the higher positions that are open, while the people who aren't getting the educations will be able to fill the lower end positions. The ones aspiring to be educated will maybe open businesses themselves and be able to put others to work.

  • Getting The Training Needed Regardless Of Job Openings Is Helpful

    President Obama is on to something that can really turn our economy around if it works out the way that he plans. Even if more jobs do open if people are not trained properly to perform the duties in those jobs; they will not be able to obtain the jobs that are open. Nobody wants to hire someone who doesn't know how to perform the job.

  • No It Doesn't

    Training means nothing if there is not a job afterwards. Growing up in the 80's and 90's I was told I could become anything I wanted. What a lie! Where I live, I can choose between a part time job at McDonald's or a part time job at Pizza Hut. Don't know anyone to help you get a good job? Then you won't be getting a good job. You have to get your nose too dirty in this economy for my taste and training isn't going to change that at all. Obama! Biden! Stop wasting the taxpayer dollar on crap.

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