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Obama commutes the bulk of Chelsea Manning’s sentence. Does this send the wrong message to those that will misuse information?

  • Chelsea Manning sentence sends the wrong message

    President Barack Obama sent the wrong message when he commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning. As a private in the Army, then Bradley Manning disclosed nearly three-quarters of a million documents that were classified and non-classified. This has the potential to hurt national security. She should have served the full sentence in order to deter others.

  • Manning is a traitor

    Regardless of the validity of Chelsea Manning's revelations and the right that the American public has to that information, Manning is a traitor. There are other means for disclosure that "leakers" have at their disposal if they feel something needs to come to light. What should not be done is hand off the information to a site with no reason to protect American lives. The government, the media, specific agencies, etc. all have an obligation to do so.

  • He is making a point

    We all know that Chelsea Manning shared files that were classified, and this could have jeopardized our country and certain individuals. However, it is suggested that the majority of the info she released was not "highly" classified, and the sentence she was given was much more strict than any other person has ever received for the same crime. I think Obama is just trying to point out that the sentence was too harsh, and that the prison system is not equipped to handle nor sensitive to trans individuals and their needs.

  • No, I do not think that commuting Chelsea Manning's sentence sends the wrong message.

    I believe that it is a disgrace of justice to use individual cases to promote an agenda such as sending a message about what will happen to others who misuse any government information. The public maintains a right to know, and Chelsea Manning had received one of the harshest punishments ever given for this type of offense. I don't believe that people should be used 'as an example to others.'

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