Obama Discusses Iraq: Is it truly possible to successfully intervene in another country?

  • Yes. There is Historical Precedent.

    Absolutely. It's been done successfully in the past. UN intervention in Korea is a prime example. The key is that the UN intervention in Korea supported a goal that a significant portion of the Korean population favored and, due to the Cold War, the US and its allies had the political will to see it through to completion in order to prevent a united communist Korea. Arguably, the French intervention in the American Revolutionary War is another example, since it would be considered a case of unsuccessful intervention had the Revolutionaries lost. In addition, any form of economic aid to other countries, such as disaster relief could easily be considered intervention.

  • It is not truly possible to intervene as there will always be dissenters and citizens who will feel threatened

    It is not truly possible to successfully intervene in another country as the people of that country will feel threatened, they will feel that there country is weak and cant help itself. The citizens of the country will feel that they are being held hostage to another country whom they may not want to be associated with.

  • We'll never fully understand.

    No, it is not truly possible to successfully intervene in another country, because we can never fully understand the trials and customs in that country. We have a hard enough time figuring things out when we try to intervene in our own country. There is so much to comprehend helping another country we can never get it completely right.

  • Not the way that we do it.

    Unless we can find a better way to handle these situations we will not succeed. This did not work in Vietnam and it hasn't worked in Iraq or Afghanistan. We need to stop thinking that we can fix every problem, because it just isn't possible for us to do it.

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