• Obama, It's the people's house not your......

    Obama seems to think of himself by some strange circumstance, unexplained by him, as to how he gained the property,announced to all that he was the owner of the White House declaring in a moment of agitation to a heckler,"....You're in my house..."
    Once before In a Moment of honesty, Obama stated how he looked upon his position and the powers it afforded him, Obama stated, " "......That's the good thing as a President, I can do whatever I want."
    President Obama "quipped" today during a visit to Monticello with the French president, "That's the good thing as a President, I can do whatever I want."THE WEEKLY STANDARD
    Does America now have a king, Obama indicates that he believes that he has the authority of office to rule as one. Who will tell the king that he has no clothes on, that hes not a king and the office that he holds is at the people's pleasure, not his, The White House is the People's House, and they alone determines who resides in that house. Obama obviously feels that he" The King is literally above the law and cannot do wrong by definition." and he feels confident since it appears,"Even if the king’s actions are not lawful by definition, there is no remedy for the king’s actions through the courts....."or the congress. Only the people can decide if they will tolerate a king over them, their votes will decide if they will accept a king at this late date in the history of this country, do the American people deserve to continue to be free, only time will tell...

  • Obama's Poor Choice of Words

    The way he phrased his statement was poor. By claiming that the White House was "his," he cast off the concept of the Presidency being an elected position and of the White House itself being a temporary residency provided by the government for the President to live in.

    Because the American government, per the Constitution, is a republic, the implication is that the people ultimately have control over the government. Since everything is controlled by the people, the White House is technically The People's house, not the President's.

  • Not his house

    Obama is a Tenant and we the people are the land lords. Thus we can evict him. It bothers me the condescending nature of the president. We paid for the house we voted for him, he should be humble and respectful about that. Thanks for the post Looking at issues

  • Ownership vs Residence

    Okay - I rent my flat. Am I not allowed to say to a burglar, 'Go away, you're in my flat'? I know I don't own it, but I do sure pay for the rights to live here. Because I pay for the rights to live here, I get the privilege of saying, even for merely the duration of the rental agreement, that I live here and I own it. It is still the landlord's property, but I still live here and pay their bills. Similarly, President Obama also pays for the rights to live at the White House by being a leader and representative of the entire United States! Surely the POTUS would be allowed to say, 'You're in my house' to an annoying heckler. People in various countries, including the UK, other European countries, many Asian countries, etc, consider POTUS to be the most powerful man in the world. Not to say that he necessarily actually is, but some people believe that. Considering this, I highly doubt that he forgot his position in the world and I highly doubt he forgot what house he was in.

  • It's Just a Saying

    Breaking news! Obama said that the place he sleeps, eats, and does his work "his house." Obviously he is just saying that he lives there, guys. Are you really looking into the rent/land owner relationship? Even if you live in a rented house, even if you live in your friend's vacation home for a few years, you're going to start calling that place "your house." Plus he was trying to show his dominance to a rather irritating heckler.

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