Obama, meeting with hostile foreign leaders without preconditions: Does meeting with hostile leaders give them too much status?

  • Meeting with hostile foreign leaders gives them too much status.

    President Obama meeting with hostile foreign leaders without preconditions gives credence to their hostile views and puts them in a place of equality with the US. The US should be a leader in foreign policy and not allow those with outlandish views to dictate the conversation. By setting preconditions, the US will send a strong message that a respectful conversation must be had.

  • No, it opens up conversations.

    No, Obama meeting with foreign leaders without preconditions does not give them too much status, because giving them the cold shoulder does not work. Fifty years of blowing off Cuba has not made one dent of difference. Engaging the USSR made them crumble. We should study what worked with the USSR and open these countries up, which will make them demand freedoms.

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