Obama, meeting with hostile foreign leaders without preconditions: Does US diplomatic history support Obama's position?

  • US diplomatic history does support Obama's position to meet with hostile foreign leaders.

    US diplomatic history does support Obama's position to meet with hostile foreign leaders without preconditions. The President did what he thought was right at the time by holding this meeting with them. He should be allowed to make the decisions that we the people elected him and put him in office for.

  • Yes, it needs to be done.

    In American history, all sorts of meetings have happened that initially we would have thought could not occur. A president has to be able to reach out to foreign officials, even of countries that have been seen as hostile, so that more peaceable solutions can be reached to settle differences.

  • Lessons Of The Past

    I believe Obama has considered the benefits of speaking to foreign leaders without preconditions. I believe this shows that he is committed to communicating with countries in admirable ways and he's not afraid to show it. I think he considers this path because America has made poor decisions in the past, regarding hostile leaders and preconditions.

  • Nixon Went to China

    Richard Nixon went to China, despite the Communist country's horrible civil rights violations. Plus, JFK showed diplomacy works just as good as invasions when he handled several crises against the Soviet Union. If President Barack Obama wants to meet with foreign leaders without preconditions, that is his right as the chief executive. The world can use a little more peaceful negotiating with places like Iran, Cuba and North Korea instead of warlike actions.

  • Yes, Obama's actions conform to diplomatic history.

    While not as outright as Obama, many presidents and their related parties have had connections, meetings, and other forms of interaction with groups and governments involved in terrorism, human trafficking, drug trade, war, armaments, and almost any other gray or black market conceivable. It is not strange that Obama has met with hostile leaders, it is strange that he doesn't hide it.

  • It probably does not

    I would not be so quick to say yes because there has been much controversy about how Obama has been dealing with foriegn affairs and to say no would be going out on a limb and I for one would not say yes but it is hard to say for sure.

  • No but we are in a different time

    Obam's actions of meeting with hostile foreign leaders is different then anything else in the US in hisrtory. However we are in a very different time so it may be that different times call for different measures. If we don't try something new the old ways don't seem to be gettting anything accomplished either.

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