Obama, meeting with hostile foreign leaders without preconditions: Is speaking with hostile nations morally, philosophically sound?

  • Yes talking is a start

    Talking with hostile nations is not bad in any way. It may be a bit dangerous but if he stays safe it is worth the risk. They will stay hostile until we change that and opening up discussions with them is the best way to change it. I don't like Obama but I think talking is a good start.

  • Open communication is a must.

    I think that it is the Presidents job to meet with these hostile country leaders in order to try and navigate some sort of treatise to make things right for all countries involved. It is his job and the reason he is the leader of the United States. It is acceptable.

  • Yes, speaking is always good.

    We can not allow our old ways of cold war to stand in the way of any type of possible peace. And it is always good to speak to those with whom we have quarrels, even long standing ones on the international level, so what Obama does in that regard is helpful and offers hope.

  • Sets A Better Tone

    I think it is perfectly moral and philosophically sound for our president to meet with hostile foreign leaders without preconditions. In fact, I think this is far better than requiring these leaders to meet certain conditions before even speaking to them. The more lines of communication we have open, the better off we all are.

  • Speaking with hostile nations is morally sound

    Speaking with hostile nations is morally and philosophically sound. This is because of the fact that hostile nations are the very nations that we should be speaking with the most. We do not need to have hostile nations, and communication with these nations is a vital part in keeping America safe.

  • Obama Speaking with Hostile Nations Morally Sound

    Yes, Obama speaking with hostile nations is morally and philosophically sound as it proves that the United States is not a nation of warmongers. Though our government may have been warmongering in the recent past, its people are not, and President Obama meeting with our enemies hopefully demonstrates that this is true.

  • Speaking to an enemy can be morally sound

    I see no problem with Obama meeting with hostile foreign leaders without preconditions. These enemies will always remain enemies unless a civil conversation is opened up. As long as Obama is not making concessions to meet with them I think its a actually a good idea to meet and open up a diplomatic dialog.

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