Obama: 'No, I do not think Snowden is a patriot.' Do you agree?

  • A patriot is loyal to their country

    If Snowden was actually a patriot, he would not have released this information for the world to see. If he actually wanted to fix it, he would have contacted authorities and done this thing reasonably. It sure sounds more like revenge on the US than anything else. I personally think that this has heavily strained relationships between the US and other countries.
    And for the record, Obama HAD proposed reforms on this BEFORE Snowden released all the stuff.

  • I totally agree!!!

    Snowden is a spy. Why else is Russia giving him sanctuary? It's certainly not because they feel compassion. The country doesn't even have a history of showing that to its own citizens!

    They intend to know what Snowden knows. How? Snowden cut a deal. If Russia wasn't benefitting from it, then he wouldn't be there. Keep in mind, Putin himself is former KGB.

    Our Intelligence community knows this. Our Allies know this. For that matter, our enemies know it. Snowden sold his country out & moved to Russia. There, he will be protected until he is of no further use to them. That's how these things play-out.

    If Snowden had been a whistle-blower, he would have stayed in the U.S. He did not. We have laws that protect whistle-blowers. Snowden was & is a spy. He has hurt his country, jeopardized our national security, etc. That's NOT patriotism. That's treason!

  • Yes i agree because a patriot is someone who feels a strong support for his or her country.

    I do not say what Snowden did was right or wrong.That is not the point here.The fact is,he is definitely not a patriot.He did not support his country by providing top secret information to rival countries.The worst part is that he was pat of the agency of his country;which classify him as traitor.Whether you agree with his action or not,Snowden is a traitor.

  • I agree completely

    Everybody here knows that if someone was truly an American or truly a patriot, then the last thing they would do is flee to China and then Russia for whatever reason they could think of..... Calling yourself a patriot and then fleeing to Russia is the same as calling yourself a vegetarian and then eating a cow stuffed inside a pig coated with a greasy melted chicken....

  • He's a patriot.

    Just not to his government. V, from V for Vendetta is a patriot to Englang, regardless of him blowing up parliament. He and Snowden both know that a government is not synoymous with it's country, and when a leader becomes an oppressor it's the duty of the people to stop them. When he found out that the government was illegally spying on it's citizens, he told the world. Some people think he's lying, but just think about it. If he was lying, he wouldn't have to flee because it wasn't the truth. If he was lying, Obama would not be so defensive about it.

    "People must not fear their government. Government must fear it's people."

  • Coming from Obama that is priceless.

    Remember the President in 2008 who called the Bush administration "Unpatriotic" for adding 4 Trillion dollars of debt? Nope, I sure don't. I see the President who heaped on an extra 5 trillion, taxed the hell out of the middle class, spends more money than he has, and who has let the prospect of healthcare slip away. I say he has just about no right to throw around words like that.

    Snowden uncovered a dirty secret that the NSA was more than happy to have kept covered. He saw mass surveillance that nobody knew about, and did exactly what a true patriot would do. He stood up for his rights. One of which should have been protecting him against unlawful spying.

  • No, I disagree because if the government was not spying in the first place he would not have had to release the information.

    Let's get this straight, we all knew from the moment the patriot act was signed that the government was spying on us -- this was certain. However before the patriot act many people already pretty much knew that the government was watching us because of the fake 'Red Scare'. But now the president can kill an innocent civilians at home and abroad?! I would call it treason if Snowden didn't tell the public this. He told his fellow country men that the government was getting too powerful and now have set up an extensive spy network that tracks nearly everyone in the country. He released very important information that was inevitably going to be leaked.

    Posted by: RO17
  • His action was patriot

    I don't care whether he is a hero of a villain. His action was patriotic, regardless of is motive. I do completely discount those who complain that he went to Hong Kong and Russia. Of course he did - he needed to be in a location that has a frostly relationship with the U.S. He would have been extradited in a blink if he were in an ally's country.

    I agree completely with Shagat19's sentiments.

    Posted by: dj21
  • Blindly following orders is cowardice. Courageously disobeying orders and informing a country that it's government was spying on it's people is patriotism.

    A patriot is someone who "vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors." A patriot isn't someone who blindly supports his government; governments have been known to quite frequently act against their own people.

    Tank Man in Tiananmen Square was a patriot to his people. Acted against the government when the government was oppressing it's people.

    This man, Snowden, sacrificed his way of life in order to tell you that your government was spying on YOU. If he blindly followed command and continued acting against the interest of Americans, he would have effectively allowed his cowardice to turn him into a traitor. Instead, he showed courage and informed his people of the government oversteps.

  • If it comes from Obama's mouth I disagree w/ it

    Snowden did the right thing and blew the whistle on our governments huge spy network on its citizens. That is what tyrants do. He knew what was going on is wrong and "officially" confirmed the spy program that we all knew was happening. Why else would they build a 1M sq NSA facility in Utah? Snowden had the guts to do what 99% of people in our government won't. He put his life and liberty on the line for American citizens and you idiots label him as a traitor!? We are doomed if that is how stupid our citizenry has become...

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