Obama politics: Should Obama eat hamburgers when his wife is trying to help us be healthier?

  • Its a burger.

    He's not obese from eating one burger. Also this is his wife's movement not his. Stop with all the Obama hate and let the man eat. You probably eat burgers too. Almost everybody eats burgers. It is ok to balance junk food with healthy food if you are reasonable about it.

  • This is america !

    If you want to eat yourself to death, have at it. I don't think 1 burger makes a difference. Much like if you were to call someone out on their diet if they ate only 1 cookie. Being healthy doesn't mean NO BURGERS; health is much more dynamic than that.

  • Let the man eat

    Why the hell he cant choose what he wants to eat ??? Number meat is not unhealthy when your over eat is when it makes it unhealthy and please do not give me the " it increase the risk of cancer crap" the smalliest thing can cause cancer. You can get sick off vegan diets as well and vegan do not always mean you eat healthy ! Smh let him eat a damn burger !

  • Yes, Healthy living requires discipline.

    Yes, Obama should be allowed to eat hamburgers when his wife is trying to help us be healthier. Being healthy is not simply about eating the right foods but about self-discipline. Learning to maintain a balanced diet and achieve regular exercise will allow us "cheat days" where indulging in foods such as hamburgers, are not frowned upon.

  • They won't kill you.

    I don't see much a problem with our President eating hamburgers. I agree that our country needs to be a bit more healthy,but there is more to that then just eating what people define as "healthy foods". I think American's biggest issue is the level and amount of exercise we, as people, get.

  • Yes, Obama can consume hamburgers because that is his personal health decision

    Many people condemn Obama for eating hamburgers while his wife Michelle runs a campaign to promote healthy eating. Michelle Obama is a woman that is a separate person and a separate brain from our president. Although she is his wife and he does make efforts to support her healthy eating campaigns, she does not control whether or not Barack Obama chooses to enjoy a hamburger.

    Also nowhere in Michelle Obama's campaign does it require a ban on consuming hamburgers. The campaign is aimed at having healthy food available to government institutions like public schools so that citizens are given healthy meal choices.

  • Be More Healthy =/= Never Eat Unhealthy Food

    The people who argue that he shouldn't seem to think that if he subscribes to an idea, then he must subscribe to the most extreme possible version of that idea.

    It is possible to want to decrease the consumption of unhealthy food as a means to improve public health, while not asking people to forsake fast food altogether. His wife's point is to moderate consumption and improve children's health, not ban fast food or ask them to stop ever eating anything unhealthy.

  • He actually eats that?

    I'm surprised. I thought I was gonna see a pic of him eating McD's. Anyways, I think he's just a hypocrite or someone who doesn't understand what it means to live by your words you say. I think Obama is a pure idiot of unbelievable proportions. He makes me laugh.

  • All husbands should support their wives, at least in public

    Husbands should support their wives, at least in public. If
    a man disagrees with his wife, he should tell her so when they are alone. It’s disrespectful
    when one partner undermines the other for the whole world to see. In this case, President Obama not only undermines his wife by publicly eating burgers, he damages her
    worthy cause. She has dedicated herself to bettering the American diet, and he
    ought to support her. I hope she gives him heck—in private.

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