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Obama repeals Wet Foot, Dry Foot? Will the Cubans start a violent protest?

  • Yes, many Cubans will protest.

    President Obama's latest move against Cuban refugees will likely lead to protests. For 6 decades the United States government has granted visas to Cuban refugees fleeing the brutal communist government. Obama's reversal of this policy will be controversial. Many Cubans will protests and some of these protests could turn violent.

  • Cubans will not start a violent protest because that willkeep them out of this country.

    Cubans no longer need the special immigrant status that they once did now that travel is open, Castro is dead and Communism seems to be waning in Cuba. At one time, immigrants were literally fleeing for their lives and faced persecution and torture at home, so the policy was necessary. It no longer is and Cubans will take it in stride.

  • They will protest but it won't be violent.

    I'm surprised Obama has taken this step, it seems more like something Trump would do. The Cuban community will protest but I don't see them resorting to violence. I think this election has shown the only way to enact real change is to become politically active and I think that's the step they will take.

  • No, Cubans are smarter than that.

    Not every country resorts to violent protest. First off, who would Cubans be protesting? The agreement of their own government or the U.S.'s decision to repeal? Most Cubans who endeavor to come to the States do so out of desperation and know that they are completely at the mercy of officials in a foreign land. Why would Cubans believe that a violent protest would tip the scales of an open door policy in their favor.

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