Obama Says Iraq Airstrikes Possible: Can Iraq solve its own problems without US intervention?

  • Yes, it can

    The US is not Iraq's mother. We already fought a 10 year war over there with Al Qeada and we don't need another war. Iraq can take control of the situation and will eventually solve itself. America cannot be the world police all the time. Iraq needs to solve itself.

  • Yes, Iraq Can Solve Its Own Problem Without US Intervention

    Iraq is a country that is fraught with war and power struggles. This is not anything new and will likely not find any immediate cure. The US has stepped in to assist Iraq many times, but this always comes at our own personal cost. Why not give them a chance to heal their own nation and stabilize their own economy. Iraq has the potential to move forward, but this is not possible with the US constantly overseeing their country.

  • Yes, Iraq needs to take control.

    Yes, Iraq can solve its own problems without US intervention. They need to take control, communicate, and come up with a solution to their own problems, without any external intervention. Iraq is a country made up of a vast variety of individuals, most of who are intelligent to solve their own issues. They just need to get together and follow through a plan of action.

  • Iraq intervention Required

    Intervention is needed in order to control the current situation in Iraq. In order to both mediate and have full awareness of the situation there is a need for there to be people there. The goal should be to have a peaceful resolve to the current problems. Although airstike may not be the best solution, we cannot have no intervention at all.

  • In the best interest of the Iraqi people, US intervention may be necessary

    A country that has been placed in as unstable a position as Iraq currently finds itself in may need intervention from a more powerful state, such as the US, in order to protect its people from the violence inherent in the current political situation. Ultimately, I believe a committee should be formed that has a vast knowledge of all of the problems facing Iraqis and possible consequences of both US intervention or absence.

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