Obama says it's ok to criticize the President: Should he pardon Edward Snowden?

  • Yes, he should pardon Edward Snowden.

    Yes, he should pardon Edward Snowden because Snowden released less classified information than some of the people in Trump's cabinet. Snowden was simply trying to inform the American people. He should be celebrated, not cast away to some foreign country. We should make sure people like him can have a voice.

  • Yes, he should uphold the freedom of expression.

    The outgoing president, Barack Obama is right when he says that it is okay to criticize the president. But that does not mean in any way that he should pardon Edward Snowden, first of all Snowden was not being critical, he committed a crime, that of licking top secret information.

  • Yes, President Obama should pardon Edward Snowden.

    Yes, President Obama should pardon Edward Snowden. Mr. Snowden is an American patriot that alerted the people to unethical spying activities that the government perpetrated against them. To do this, he gave up a life of comfort in one of the most beautiful spots on earth and was forced to seek refuge elsewhere.

  • No, he shouldn't pardon Snowden.

    No, Obama probably should not pardon Edward Snowden, who is behind the leaks of sensitive information. While Snowden and many of his advocates believe that he did the right thing, there is still a lot of controversy surrounding his actions. Until the investigation on him is done, Obama should probably not take any actions in the case.

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