Obama says the border fence is "now basically complete." Is it really?

Asked by: GWL-CPA
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  • Not at all.

    Some will probably love to say that we have now built one heck of a border fence on our southern border. The truth of the matter is, we really can never have a physical fence that will cover the entire border from start to finish. A border of technology is different though.

  • Border Area Fuming Over Obama's 'Moat' Jokes

    The latest nonsense on MSNBC is that border security is strong enough because fewer illegal aliens crossed the border last year than in previous years. That is funny!
    “In 2005, about 500,000 Mexican nationals made their way into the U.S. illegally and within the last two years (2010 and 2011) between 100,000 to 200,000 continued unauthorized crossings into the U.S., according to Zenteno Quintero.”
    So if are border security is so good, how do an estimated 100,000 to 200,000 annually continue to get across the US-Mexican border illegally? 500,000 to 1,000,000 (1 million) more every 5 years, which is totally unacceptable!
    Why do that many still get across? The most obvious reason is that the current border security is not good enough, not even close to being good enough.
    We are being force feed the same total nonsense by President Obama that we were force feed by President Ronald Reagan with the last amnesty, which was the border security would be increased substantially.
    I had to laugh at President Obama’s tongue-in-cheek statement last year that building a mote and filling it with alligators would not work. It is true and funny because of the obvious! The US-Mexican border is 2,000 miles or 3,520,000 yards long. Assuming you would need 10 alligators for every 100 yards for it to be effective, you would need 352,000 alligators, which is more than the total estimated population of 200,000 alligators in the Florida Everglades. And, the cost to feed 352,000 alligators! And, the smell from rotting meat, what a mess!
    However, finishing the double border fence and building observation towers every one-half mile that are equipped with high powered Search Lights, high powered surveillance cameras, long range motion detectors, GPR – ground-penetrating radar to detect the building of underground tunnels, etc. and having them manned 24-7, now that would work quite well! Then add about 40,000 more border agents, with thousands of armored, machine gun equipped desert all-terrain vehicles and hundreds of well-trained guard dogs doing patrols 24-7 along the entire 2,000 mile long US-Mexican border. Guess what would happen then?
    Very few illegal aliens and very little illegal drugs are getting across the US-Mexican border!

  • Obama Chose His Words Wisely

    No the border fence is not complete. I do not think it is even close. Him using the word basically tells you all you need to know. There is still work to be done and I do not think it will be done anytime soon. He would just say that the border was complete if it was done.

  • No, only in Obama's mind is it complete

    The border fence is far from complete, and sadly it may never be. For Obama to say that simply means he is moving on to things that he finds more important and the matter is closed. He is simply going to ignore a serious ongoing problem in the United States.

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