• Yes, I think that he is wrong.

    Yes, I think that Obama is wrong in saying that wages are growing. I think he meant to say prices for products are going up and our wages are staying the same which is what it feels like and the realistic of the situation. I think that we should all get a good raise to live happily.

  • Absolutely not correct

    From the previous year 2013 the wages only came from $794 to $796, that is not a big jump at all, the wages are not growing, the ages are standing still. Nothing has changed, no offense to Barack Obama at all, he's doing a tough job, but his statement was definitely wrong.

  • No, Obama is not wrong.

    Any time a pundit or politician makes a claim that the economy or job climate is improving, every individual naturally turns to their own immediate surroundings and environment and evaluates whether that seems to be true, based on what they are seeing or experiencing. Using this test, there will inevitably be some people who find the claim to be lacking, but we have to remember that these changes can often only be seen when looking on a large scale.

  • He isn't wrong

    In general, wages probably are growing. If you're lucky enough to have managed to stay employed, then you're able to benefit from improvements to the economy. Wage rises which haven't happened for years are starting to happen again, people who've managed with less for years are starting to have a little more.

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