Obama speaks out on Malaysian plane disaster: Did the pro-Russian separatists down Flight 17?

  • There is evidence

    Looking only at the evidence supplied to the public so far through various media outlets, it appears to be true that Russian separatists did indeed shoot down Flight 17. This opinion may change as more and more evidence comes in, but right now, amidst the current political landscape in Europe and Asia, it makes sense that the plane was shot down in a military fashion, and the only logical assumption is what is being presented.

  • Yes, they took the plane down

    I think that the evidence is pointing towards Pro Russian separatist being involved. With their being audio released with evidence they were talking about it and happy that it happened, it is hard to have any doubt that they were involved. They are another extreme group who harmed innocent people for no reason.

  • What is going on over there?

    At this point in the news, one must listen but also look at what is going on around the world. Is Russia really to blame in the flight? We need solid proof and then we can asses the situation and take action from there. The taking of over 200 innocent lives is nothing to fool around with.

  • Yes, Russia has something to do with Flight 17 being shot down

    Whether it is still unclear or not, Russia had everything to do with the Malaysia flight being shot down. All sides are blaming someone else. However, what appears to be true is that the missile that was fired, came from the ground and was shot from a piece of Russian equipment. So, it truly matters not if it was Russia or the "separatists". They all support the same side, which is Russia.

  • No, their is not enough sufficient evidence.

    Looking at this, it seems like the west is trying to come up with a way to expand a war and to send in NATO forces as an excuse, so that the pro separatists lose. Their is evidence but of course the west will blame Russia as they are allied with the Ukranian government.

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