Obama tells rich "keep your fancy homes": Do you believe that the gap between the middle class and the wealthy is growing?

  • To a limit

    Its growing a bit, but it depends on the middle class people, if they work and earn according to the economy they have a chance at actually balancing the gap. However, as it goes, the rich is growing richer and the poor is growing poorer, today rich people have more than 10 times the wealth of a normal middle class man so something should be done to resolve this.

  • The gap is definitely growing

    The old saying that "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer" is definitely true. This is because the poor have the odds stacked against them. The rich can afford to buy things like businesses and real estate that will make them even wealthier. This makes the gap grow and grow.

  • No, The Gap Isn't Growing It's Been Redefined

    When President Obama came into office one of the first things he did was redefine whom Americans should consider wealthy. The tax codes have been 'modified' so that an individual who shows $200,000 must pay an extra 3.8% on their investment income in addition to the normal amount of close to 40%.To this President Obama has declared that he will be asking for the "wealthy" (those who earn $400,000 or more per year) who pay a 39.4% in federal taxes alone start paying more taxes. While $400,000 annually isn't poor it is certainly not rich.

  • No, to blame one another for other world issues is what is creating such a gap.

    The gap between rich, poor, middle class, any class, has always been there. It will continue as a way our world has worked. Yes, the rich have taxes, as do everyone else. I understand people think wealth is a way of greed, and in some it is. In others, it is hard work and determination. Day in an day out of hard labor to achieve their dreams. For some they did, and they deserve it well. I am not saying the poor aren't hard workers and I understand sometimes it just is impossible to achieve those dreams. But to blame one another for our issues, is what's creating such a gap.

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