• Yes, he was a great president.

    In my opinion, Barack Obama represented equity in the United States over the last times, because he was the first black president. He was charismatic and persuasive so I think people will miss him in some cases. He was also a democratic president who established many plans during his government. I think everybody loves him.

  • Of course he will

    Were it legal, Obama would have won his third term in a landslide. However, he was largely a disappointment as a president and that can't be ignored. He's liked far more for his charisma than his policies, and Dems would do well to keep that in mind as they search for a suitable candidate for 2020. Clinton was a void of charisma, and Bernie was good at it, but there surely exists the next Obama somewhere.

  • Yes, Obama will be missed

    Obama will be missed. With the inauguration of President-Elect Trump, it will become extremely apparent just how dignified, qualified, competent , and effective Obama has been as President. He will be sorely missed for all the good he has done for the country, even though not all of his policies, like his drone program, have been positive.

  • Not at all

    For 10 simple reasons, here's why:

    1. He didn't heal our racial divisions, like many people thought when they elected him. Honestly, race doesn't matter when you're a President.
    2. Expanded our debt
    3. The Financial Reform didn't reform
    4. ObamaCare only covered 10-20% of the people it promised it would.
    5. Failed to reform immigration, leading to more crisis in the southern borders.
    6. Withdrew from Iraq early, now we have ISIS
    7. Didn't help get rid of cruel dictators in the Middle East, ie, Egypt
    8. Ignored the threat of a possible rising Russian dictatorship
    9. Didn't close Guantanamo Bay or keep the NSA from spying
    10. Made America irrelevant and weak by letting major issues drift by

  • Pres. Obama will not be missed

    Relative to President Obama's farewell speech he will not be in any way shape or form. His presidency he has been nothing short of a disaster for the United States. Unfortunately, too many people cannot see past his record, Which is absolutely atrocious. Donald Trump cannot be sworn and soon enough.

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