Obama to move on police body cameras after Ferguson unrest: Will implementing this policy help solve police brutality?

  • Yes, it will.

    Requiring police officers to wear cameras will force them to be more conscious about the way the treat others. This method of surveillance is effective, though I do believe we have to place a level of trusts in police officers. Traffic surveillance by video cameras is very effective at forcing drivers to be more mindful of their driving habits on roadways and intersections. Requiring police officers to wear body cameras will do the same.

  • Yes, emphatically, YES!

    Every public servants action while on the public payroll should be recorded, so the taxpayer can be assured that they are not being ripped off or misrepresented. How can a jury make an educated decision without a videotape or audio of situations that could be averted if the subjects knew they were on candid camera?

  • It will deter criminals from acting out and police from over-reacting.

    It will deter criminals from acting out and police from over-reacting. Any criminal who is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol will most likely tone it down if they know they are on camera. In addition, police who are overstressed or overburdened are more likely to stick to protocol as well.

  • Yes, Will we be able to see their every move

    I believe that putting cameras on police while they do their work is a brilliant idea. There have been countless times where someone has said, "Police did this or that to me." and they had no proof I think this police body cam is a great idea to avoid such police brutality.

  • Yes, Implementing police body cameras will solve police brutality.

    Yes, implementing police body cameras will solve police brutality , since many of the brutal acts carried out by the police are not recorded, police officers will not break the Law if they know that they are being recorded or filmed, this will hinder the misconduct and unjust decisions carried out by the police officers that violet the code of conduct. Body cameras are already worn by police officers in some US cities, such as Laurel, Maryland also being tested in New York and Washington. This move will solve police brutality.

  • There is video evidence

    This is obvious. Having video footage of police brutality will prove what happened and why. Police will think twice about the consequences is they abuse their power. Also, suspects won't to dumb things and try to act like they never did them because anyone watching the video will know they are lying.

  • NO body cameras will not solve police brutality

    Police have been known to turn the camera on and off whenever it suited them, so unless all cameras roll continuously with remote control from a tower not reachable by the same police, then we are not doing anything different than today. Why do I say this? They are the same people who edit videos from their patrol car cameras and as we have seen on TV, evidence of this sort can be easily lost or manipulated.

  • Police body cameras won't stop unrest

    Police wearing body cameras won't stop the unrest of police brutality as it doesn't curb the issue in question. The excessive use of force is why residents of America are protesting. Even with the added view of a camera, people need assurance that the police won't act in a way that hurts other people and that will require more than a camera placed on a body.

  • It will never work

    You have to realize the amount of evidence provided that proved Michael Brown was guilty. Even then, people still rioted, people still said the police are racist, people still said the white media is being racist. Society chooses to ignore the evidence when it is politically inconvenient for them. If we waste our tax dollars on body cameras, you will still see riots and unrest even if the footage shows the so called "victim" to be innocent.

  • Eric Garner's case just proved it wont work

    There was a lot of questions and issues in justifying the ferguson case but eric garner's case had evidence that he was not a threat. We know this because there is video displaying the interaction between the several cops and Garner, which would look exactly the same if it were from a camera strapped on a police officer.

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