Obama Visits India: Will this visit bring about further good relations between the US and India?

  • US Seeks to Balance Chinese Influence

    The United States is constantly seeking new ways to balance against Chinese influence in Asia, Africa, the Pacific, etc. Obama's trip to India is just one part of the US's attempt to strengthen relations with a large developing economy who is increasingly a larger part of the global community, who has the ability to help offset Chinese influence in South Asia. So of course the US with be trying very hard to improve relations with India.

  • Yes, this visit will helps relations

    On one hand, grand diplomatic occasions such as a presidential visit to a foreign country seems like a somewhat hollow exercise; after all, what kinds of new policies or cooperative efforts could the foreign leaders discuss that couldn't be better addressed by teams of diplomats and policy advisers? On the other hand, though, these visits can be symbolically very important, and may help lead to warm relations down the line.

  • It will bring about good relations.

    A willingness to talk is always a good start in bettering relations between two people. The President traveling to India shows a trust that India is a safe place to visit and an honest wish to talk and resolve any issues that may be between the two countries. This visit can only bring about good things.

  • ​No, further good relations will not be the result of Obama's visit to India.

    No, further good relations will not be the result of Obama's visit to India. Although relations may not change for the worse, they will not change for the better either. This is simply a diplomatic visit that will maintain the status quo. Relations with India are currently not in need of much improvement in any case.

  • Its obviously working everywhere else

    My headline is laced with sarcasm. We are or at least feel like the most hated country in the world despite president's constant visits around the globe. So Obama visiting India may help very minutely but one visit for the cameras won't be the over riding factor in the relations between our 2 countries.

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