Obama warns of “mass migrations” if climate change is not confronted. Is it too late to stop the affects of climate change?

  • Yes, it is likely too late to stop climate change because their is a lack of support for curbing Carbon Dioxide emissions

    Yes, nearly half of Americans still do not believe climate change exists. Even more American's do not believe climate change in man made. Science has clearly shown that climate change is real, and that it is man made, yet we have failed to take action to curb climate change because of political pandering and anti-science beliefs.

  • No, it is not too late.

    It cannot be fixed completely, but it can get worse. It can also be slowed down. Some things cannot be reversed, but it is important to do everything we can to do to slow down global warming. The planet will not be habitable soon if we do not do something to stop it.

  • No, it is never too late.

    It is never too late to save the Earth from the grave effects of climate change, we can start all over to ensure we achieve that despite previous effect going down the drain. Governments can come up with policies that will minimize pollution and environmental degradation activities. Tough laws to punish those who go against environmental laws.

  • There is no climate change.

    Climate change was invented by socialists. There are times when the earth gets warmer and times when it gets colder. The earth is big. People are small. People are vain to think that anything that little humans could do could hurt or destroy the entire earth. Humans are not that powerful.

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yadayada says2016-09-23T08:51:00.130
Climate change is not man made,it is the continueing evolution of this planet since it was formed.We are helping though with the advancement of technology.