OBAMA: 'We simply cannot afford to spend $80 billion annually on incarceration': Should America revise its prison sentencing laws?

  • Yes, however annual cost should not be the primary cause for change.

    Up to 20 percent of individuals within the penal system simply because they cannot pay legal fees. A vast majority of those incarcerated are also serving sentences because of an archaic law created out of fear. We have also transformed the penal system into a profiting business model for the private industry. This gives the prison system a reason to not rehabilitate and to ensure the cycle of incarceration continues.

  • Yes, the United States should revise its prison sentencing laws.

    Yes, the United States should revise its prison sentencing laws. The laws used to sentence convicts to prison are outdated and inconsistent throughout the states. Many times, it seems that these sentencing regulations were created arbitrarily or due to a desire for revenge. The ultimate goal of imprisonment should be rehabilitation.

  • Yes they should

    America should definitely revise its prison sentencing laws. President Obama stated that we can not afford to spend eighty billion dollars every year on incarceration. This is obvious, the only way to sort this out it to either reduce the amount of money per prisoner that we spend - which i think we should anyway - and to increase profitability by forcing minimal prisoners to do labour to help us and to save money,

  • Yes, the budget is too huge.

    America should revise its prison sentencing law because just as Obama said, the amount used to run the correction facilities is to much and a burden to the tax payers. The money can be channeled to other programs that will help the society. Lets find alternative to incarceration, like use community service programs for offenders.

  • More emphasis on rehabilitation

    We need to spend more time and money focusing on rehabilitation, getting people back on the right path and helping them to do better in life. Right now we simply throw people in jail and let them sit there and waste away. Let's find more practical punishments and give people the help they need to not go back to the crimes they were committing.

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