• Yes; the policy is unconstitutional

    It should be the decision of the taxpayer whether or not he/she wishes to purchase insurance (if not provided by the employer). The requirement was just another way for the government to take away individual freedoms and liberties. The policy itself was set up to fail; since the vast majority of uninsured citizens do not have the financial means to purchase insurance, the "fine" imposed by the government will go uncollected.

  • Yes, Obamacare needs to go away as soon as possible.

    People are finally starting to admit that Obamacare is a disaster. Hopefully, as soon as President Obama is out of office, this will be the first thing to go. It has worked for no one. Individuals have seen their rates go up and/or lose their current coverage, unable to get it back. Doctors have found working with the system a huge nuisance.

  • No, we should not end Obamacare quickly

    Yes, I will agree (strongly even) that Obamacare has several large flaws, this being said reforming it needs to be done. However, the main philosophy behind Obamacare needs to stick, it's providing more people with insurance than ever. "Tweaking" or "Fixing" Obamacare is without a doubt reasonable but stripping it away immediately after 8 years of absolute dedication to it is unreasonable and will end in a national crisis.

  • No, we should not end Obamacare quickly.

    Ending Obamacare quickly would cause millions of people to be uninsured instantly since there is no replacement ready. It may seem cheaper to make more people uninsured and letting the poor and sick just die but that may not be the case. Preventative insurance saves money in the long run. It is much more cost effective than the poor using the Emergency Rooms when more serious, expensive problems develop. Plus, do we really want to be a country that would allow the poor, elderly and sick just die rather than help them?

  • No the Afforadable Care Act (ObamaCare) should not be ended quickly.

    The Congressional Republicans and the Trump administration have no plans for what they want to replace the ACA with. Ending the ACA without a plan in place could result in the collapse of the individual insurance markets that are currently providing insurance coverage for more than 20 million people enrolled in the ACA.

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