Obamacare turned out to be a success? Or not? 7 million people signed up!

Asked by: CoolPeppers12
  • It did work out!

    7 million people have signed up!

    It is required if you don't already have health care. But what if you don't? Why would you refuse it? Would one really want to be without a healthcare?

    Seems crazy if one would not want Obamacare just because it's provided by the government through our president.

    Obamacare is great.

  • Affordable health care? I think not.

    My mom, who is 58 and has gone many years without insurance because of the fact that she can't afford it is now being forced to sign up for Obamacare. It's going to cost her over $200 a month plus she has a $7000 deductible. She makes around $24,000 a year. How the hell is she supposed to afford that when her rent alone is almost $600/month. That's almost $7200 a year. Which means, she has about $16,000 a year left for food, clothing, gas and personal care. There's no way she can afford that. Just paying $220/month for insurance is another $2640 which leaves $14,000 she is supposed to live off of for an entire year. That's if she doesn't ever go to the doctor, which would be pointless. However, if she doesn't sign up, she'll be fined one percent of her checks. That's $240 a year. It would be cheaper for her not to sign up than to sign up. This is a joke. How can the government think that it's okay to take away our right to choose whatever healthcare we want? It's just absolutely ridiculous to call this affordable healthcare. It's only affordable for the super rich or the super poor that don't have to pay anything to get healthcare (they get medicaid or medicare). For the middle class, and especially the older middle class, this is anything but affordable. It's definitely not successful. Obama should be impeached for pulling this crap.

  • I agree with LittleBallofHATE

    You should see how many people signed up in the first month. Plus, the website was faulty. For a while, actually. And, on top of that, it said that if you signed up for Obamacare, then you could keep your old plan. Guess what? Nope! The government was falsely advertising. The GOVERNMENT! And also, only one-third, which is about 2,333,333 people were previously uninsured. A lot of the rest probably just abandoned their plan so they didn't have to be fined. I'm not gonna rant my personal thoughts about President Obama, that's for another time. But the whole Affordable Care Act has just been carried out poorly. People who had perfectly fine health care plans are having to rethink their whole situation now. And 7 million is definitely not a lot. I have about a million people in my city! And I'll tell you, at least a lot of them were smart enough not to sign up for Obamacare.

  • In a word. NO!

    How many of those sign ups are people who lost their insurance, BECAUSE of obamacare. Consider this.

    Are enough people getting coverage who didn’t have it before to justify the sacrifices the people who were already covered––in the individual, small group, and large employer market––are making or will make? I will suggest the country will never really be able to judge how good or how bad Obamacare is until that question is answered…It’s easy to answer this question. We only need ask the carriers for two numbers:

    The number of people they insured (and were paid for) in both the individual and small group markets as of December 31, 2013––the day before Obamacare started covering people.
    The number of people that were insured (and paid for) in both the individual and small group markets on a specific date––March 31, 2014, for example.

    I will suggest that asking for both the small group and individual market numbers is important as people have a tendency to move between the markets, particularly as employers drop coverage and their people go, or don’t go, into the exchanges. Then subtract one total from the other. We would have an excellent idea of just how many more people, net of any gains and losses, secured private insurance since Obamacare’s launch. Then people could make their judgments about how well Obamacare accomplished health insurance reform free from all of the spin.

  • Statistics are misleading.

    Indeed, 7 million people signed up. However, can you guess what percent of the previously uncovered are now protected? Under 2 percent. A vast majority of the sign-ups are people who had insurance already, or people who chose not to be covered, but are now forced to by the law.
    The limited success of Obamacare does not excuse its unconstitutionality. Forcing people to buy something, under threat of punishment, violates human decency as well as the constitution, and should not be permitted. The continues blackmail of the poor and uninsured-by-decision is in no way a success, and the "government knows best!" trend in not a positive one.

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