Obama's Last Memorial Day in the White House: Are our veterans better off than they were eight years ago?

  • Yes, our veterans are better off than they were eight years ago.

    It is my belief that President Obama has improved the life of veterans over the past eight years. He has kept his promise to support the veterans and was able to secure full funding for the Veterans Administration. Obama has increased the VA budget which has allowed for the retainment of more mental health services, expansion of VA centers in rural areas, an increasing in the housing vouchers program to fight homelessness among vets, and helped to create a veteran job corps. Most importantly, I believe, he has assured that the Veterans Administration budget was given 'must-pass' status.

  • Yes, some of the challenges they face have received better coverage.

    Yes, they are in a better position. The general population was unaware of many of the problems they faced on a daily basis. I think now we are more sympathetic to the more comprehensive new coverage especially pertaining to the VA scandal. More people are aware there are widespread problems so more people can help.

  • Things are getting better all the time.

    As time goes by, we realize more and more that the veterans of our country need more from us. From dealing with PTSD to VA Hospital restructuring, our veterans are getting better care every year. We aren't where we need to be yet, but have made real solid progress in getting there.

  • Obama doesn't value veterans.

    Today, America's veterans are no better off than they were 8 years ago when Obama took office. In fact, I believe that they are in worse condition. The VA healthcare system is terrible. I have a family member who depends on the VA for healthcare, and he continually deals with long lines, horrible wait times and sub-par care.

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