Obama's Plan for Iraq: Will Obama's sensible plan of involvement work to restore peace?

  • Getting Involved to Bring Peace

    We cannot sit back and ignore the issues in Iraq. We must be involved and hold discussions with them so that we are able to mediate and help to bring peace to the country. Stepping in and trying to assist and control the situation is the morally correct thing to do.

  • In the Long Run

    While support and aid for Iraq's government is no doubt welcome, and may bring about some instant relief to the issues there currently, these problems are not going to be solved over night. If Iraq works hard with the help they have been provided, then perhaps we will see a much more stable Iraq in the future, but it will take time.

  • Yes it should.

    Yet another war. When we thought sad dam was gone it will bring peace to the area but every generation has some sad dam always. It is great to see what Obama is doing to bring peace to the area. Thigs are changing fastly and improvements are already being seen.

  • The radicals want to take over.

    No, Obama's plan of involvement will not work to restore peace, because the radicals know that in the end Obama does not intend to invade the country. The radicals want to take over. There are a lot of moderates in Iraq but they are getting over run. They do not want to work with Obama.

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