Obama's Presidency Has Been Among the Worst in Our Nation's History

Asked by: President_Vern
  • A Heap of Trash

    I don't want to debate my opinion. Actually, I'll just list the facts.

    1. Under Obama, our debt has increased more than all other U.S. presidents combined.
    2. Obamacare was a complete flop.
    3. The president ignored ISIS when it first popped up during the Syrian Civil War and it has now spread to become one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations on Earth.
    4. He’s responsible for the numbing down of our education system with Common Core.
    5. The NSA has spied on Americans under Obama.
    6. Under Obama, the CIA spied on the Senate.
    7. Our nation lost its AAA credit rating because Obama is spending so much money.
    8. A record 20% of Americans were on food stamps in 2013.
    9. Because of Obama’s policies since he became President, 11,500,000+ Americans have left the work force.
    10. Instead of calming people down, Obama helped to turn Americans against each other racially be inserting himself into the Trayvon Martin case (Divide & Conquer).
    11. Obama's foreign policy has hurt the U.S. overseas more than it has helped it.

    There is a crap load more, all you have to do is search it up on the internet.

    Obama lovers, haters gonna hate.

    On a more serious note, I am well aware that there are presidents of BOTH PARTIES that have had horrible presidencies. Bush, for example. However, Obama has not impressed me personally, and I figured it would interesting to see what the debate.Org community would think about it. (But seriously tho, please no butt-hurt.)

  • Stop the Obama Drama

    I feel that people who blame Obama for every problem the country has, and ignores the terrible run of George W Bush. Refer back to Newton's First Law of Motion: An object in motion tends to stay in motion. This can be said for politics, too. The past presidents created so much momentum that a single man simply can't stop it. It will take time, but if we get the right people in (referring to the definition that means correct, not right-wingers), we'll fix this eventually. Is he the best? No. Is he the worst? No. If you want worse, take a look at Bush, Nixon, Jackson, Hoover, etc.

  • In reply to President_Vern.

    1. Our debt stems from the wars that George W. Bush started, and was still being fought during Obama's presidency.
    2. Then why has it been upheld by SCOTUS?
    3. Conservatives often call Obama a warmonger. Then they blame him for not fighting ISIS.
    4. The administration only supports Common Core. It did not create it. Personally, I think Common Core is a good idea but with poor execution.
    5. ...Which started during the Bush administration. Oct. 4, 2001, to be precise.
    6. Touche. Was Obama even aware of this?
    7. ...To get us out of debt from Bush's war(s).
    8. That was because of the Recession, which was caused by banks and governments spending and creating bubbles. This was in no way Obama's fault.
    9. And so far over 10 million have rejoined, with 200,000 more each month.
    10. If it is the President's job to merely calm people and not take part in remotely controversial debates, we have a problem.
    11. Could you do it better? Could Donald Trump with his plan to "bomb the hell" out of ISIS? No? OK.
    I respect your views. Please read mine and tell me what you think.

  • Not the Best, but Not the Worst

    I think people expected way too much out of Obama. Here's a list of worse president's than Mr. Obama.
    Buchanan did nothing to stop the Confederate secession and the start of the Civil War. He didn't do anything while in office.
    Hoover left the people to fend for themselves when the Great Depression began, positive the problem would work itself out if the people just ignored it.
    Andrew Jackson massacred Native Americans, sent them on the Trail of Tears where thousands more died, he was a crazed loon who wanted to kill everything in his path, he put in office his unqualified friends instead of elected officials, he went against the Judiciary system and sent an army to crush those who disagreed with him, and he had the delusion of destroying the nation's banks while still maintaining capitalism.
    Bush Jr. Didn't actually win the 2000 election. He was an idiot, he lied about doing massive amounts of cocaine, he invaded everyone's privacy, began multiple vague wars that lasted forever, our money is now on fire, and he hated homosexuals.
    Andrew Jackson was the all time worst president though. Only president to get elected for and remain liked for attempting to exterminate an entire group of people he had no right messing with. Also, that whole bank thing, crippled the nation except people blamed the following president and not him.

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