Obama's R-E-S-P-E-C-T mistake: Does the media focus too much on verbal slip-ups while ignoring major issues?

  • The media is always ignoring the big issues

    It's not a big deal if the President accidentally misspells a word. Does anyone really think that the President can't spell. There are much more important issues to be addressed I think that the media doesn't address them because they can't. Most of the 'journalist', at least the ones on television, were picked because of their looks not their intellect or journalistic abilities.

  • Yes, media focuses too much on verbal mistakes and ignores major issues.

    Yes, media is the United States is too concerned with verbal mistakes and arguning semantics. They are not concerned with portaying actual issues and are content with attacking a person's ability to speak fluently and clearly regardless of what it is they are actually speaking about. The content of a message doesn't matter to the media.

  • Yes They Do

    I believe the media does focus on verbal slip-ups too much and end up missing major issues by doing so. As a citizen, reader, and viewer, I couldn't care less if someone mis-spoke. That, to me, is not headline news and I am tired of reporters trying to turn it into news.

  • Dan Quale Moment.

    No, the media does not focus too much on verbal slip ups while ignoring major issues, because if a person is going to put themselves out there to become President, they should have to be made fun of when they slip up. The media certainly made fun of Dan Quale's poor statements, so it is fair to report on Obama's goofs, too.

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