• This “disorder” is a myth

    Just like depression it stems from a root problem that’s either sadness with something. OCD is linked to just being a perfectionist along with paranoia and odd traits. Since they’re psychologically so paranoid about everything when they hear OCD it comes up in their head and since they’re trying to solve a disorder that doesn’t exist it never gets “solved” and their psychological paranoia evolves into worse problems.

  • Is it not?

    It is a really thing by the way. It is excessive thoughts and obessions that lead to repative behaviors whcih can led to unreasonable thoughts and fears.
    Symtops :
    Behavioral: compulsive behavior, Agitation, Compulsive hoarding, Hypervigilance, Impulsivity, Meaningless repetition of own words, Repetitive movements, Ritualistic behavior, Social isolation, Or persistent repetition of words or actions
    Mood: anxiety, Apprehension, Guilt, Or panic attack
    Psychological: depression or fear
    Also common: food aversion, Nightmares, Or repeatedly going over thoughts

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