• The Vr is Awesome!

    The Vr is something everyone could agree with is that it is the future. The Oculus is amazing it all is just amazing. Also everyone probably uses the Oculus Vr. Or maybe just a normal VR from other sites but for the ps4 is one of the best one their should be.

  • This is the future

    Virtual Reality will give players a more "immersive" experience although it is too early to say that, eventually games will be mostly based on VR's in the future. Costs will not be a problem since today's VR's are "experimental" and are still being tested ti'll the time is right. We can expect all of this some time in the future.

  • Guess we have not been reading the news.

    The technology is more sleek and costs less than this ipad I am currently typing on. Guess the word has not gone mainstream. Need to search Oculus Rift or Project Morpheus. Facebook's 2 billion dollar acquisition of Oculus is indication enough that some people are banking on its marketability to the mainstream.

  • What is the definition of 'future'?

    Will it become another way to game? Yes... Will it be cost efficient and will it be as wide-spread as floor-consoles of today's generation? No. It will exist but I in no way ever see it taking over the way current games are played. The technology may evolve and get more sleek and pretty but for VR to go main-stream there will have to be a significant cut in pricing for R&D and retail.

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