Of all the non-established religions (Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddism), are Scandinavian pagans the most racist?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • They're the only religion, aside from Islam, in which their oppression will not come with a "victim justification"

    For instance, and there are non-Christians in those faiths that do hate us, like Buddism and Hindusim and many of the African tribal religions, their hatred of us comes from a sense of "You oppressed our nation and hurt us in the past." With Pagans, and Muslims (who also had vicious and nasty empires), their explanation is one of a feeling of superiority. So I definitely think Scandinavian pagans are very racist people.

  • Its usually the devout christians who are the most racist here in the US

    Have a conversation with at any angry redneck in the southern US, ask them about the racial divide in the country, and you'll be pummeled by a relentless wave of asinine and racist beliefs coming from the very redneck who adamantly claims that he is not racist, even though his statements clearly do make him a racist... Then ask him about how important it is to worship God, and that same person will go ahead and tear into how the Bible is the greatest book ever written, how prayer should be taught in school, how the Bible should supersede the Bible, and a heavy endorsement of christianity as a whole. Its not the pagans who are known for being the most racist in the Southern US, its the white christian rednecks....

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Adam2isback says2015-09-12T23:32:17.240
I meant to put in parenthesis, "the religions outside of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddism"
Adam2isback says2015-09-12T23:32:26.867
Pardon my mistake