Of the five major religions, is Buddhism the most moral?

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  • Buddhism is extremely non-violent

    To start with, Buddhism is extremely non violent, part of their religion is to prevent any deaths from occurring due to their own actions, while most religions are also somewhat non-violent, Buddhism more or less one-ups them. Regarding human rights issues such as homosexual marriage and women rights, Buddhism has shown to be extremely supportive of both of these issues. A secondary point worth pointing out is that there are far less Buddhist extremists than Islamic and Christian extremists.

  • Buddhism teaches nothing but peace

    Obviously all four of the other major world religions contain teachings that are peaceful but they also contain some teachings that one could consider immoral. You could still argue that the others are peaceful overall but I don't think that any of them are as peaceful as Buddhism.

    The Buddha was an extremely peaceful man who was in no way violent in his teachings nor his manner. I am not a Buddhist so I do not follow the religion's teachings but unlike the other four major world religions I am not aware of any teachings that I would personally consider immoral or outdated.

  • It is not so much about the religion

    Interesting question.

    I think when it comes to being moral or not there are many factors that push people a particular way such as socio-economic factors and that would play a greater role in them doing or not doing bad than the religion they belong to.

    I would imagine followers of every religion choosing to fully follow the ethics of their respective religions would be just as moral.

    The countries with the biggest Buddhist populations have a pretty good record in certain areas.

    Myanmar for example is at the top of the global index for giving and is mostly Buddhist but America is also found at the top of the list for things like volunteering and that is a mostly Christian country.

    Pew research found that devout Mormons actually volunteer far more than other religions within the United States {presumably more than Buddhism}

    Japan has one of the biggest Buddhist populations in the world and one of the lowest murder rates is there a connection? No, the reason cited for Japan's low murder rate are related to other factors like gun control and cultural norms.

    So no I don't think you can say one religion is more likely to be more moral than the other one.

    I think it comes down to the followers, what they choose to follow and their socio-economic background.

  • This question reduces to an absurdity and is thus meaningless

    To ask if a religion is "the most moral" there would need to exist an absolute objective moral standard to which the 5 religions could then be compared to. An objective moral standard requires an absolute moral law source (God). However the problem is that each religion is defined by its own view on god and by extension its god's moral law. So we would now be asking if Buddhism is the most moral according to another religion's god's moral law. This is where the absurdity starts. Every religion would by definition be the most moral religion based on their own god's moral laws...That's why they are that religion!! For example if Buddhism was morally better than Christianity using Christian moral laws, then BUDDHISM WOULD BE CHRISTIANITY! Buddhism's own doctrine denies the existence of a deity thus undermining its own ground for a moral law even in its own house. But for the sake of argument, if you then claim that Guathama Buddha was Buddhism's absolute moral law giver, then yes...Buddhism is the most moral under it's own moral law. We however haven't made any progress though.

  • Of course not

    Look to the message & words of Jesus ............ There has been no other that has come close to a moral way of life. Jesus' 2 commandments were to love ...... God & fellow neighbors. Ummm, what can be more moral than that?
    I am not referring to some of those who call themselves Christians, but do not follow Jesus' message as so many of you will point out. Look to Jesus' tenets, not the example of those that profess to be a Christian, altho do not live as Jesus told us to.

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Jedd says2016-02-13T04:11:41.750
Buddhism is merely a life philosophy