Officer caught on video punching woman: Should violent officers be prosecuted?

  • Yes, but it's very simple.

    Although what Officer Bonar did was under many circumstances morally wrong. Bonar should be tried with assault and battery. However, the solution to the incident is very simple, comply with police. Although the proceeding may have done incorrectly, simply comply until you can take the matter to the judicial system on your behalf. Although I am not trying to justify Officer Bonar's acts, most of these "police brutality" cases wouldn't be headlines on CNN if the person were to do as they are told. If an officer tells you to get on the ground, you get on the ground. If an officer tells you to put your hands up, guess what? You put your damn hands up. Police officers have authority over you as a civilian and they have worked for the right to be in that position. Believe or not, most cops are there to help and protect you.

  • Of course they should

    There are bad apples in every profession. Violent police officers should certainly be punished, and they should immediately be stripped of their badges. We need to get rid of the bad police officers so that the vast majority of honest, hardworking officers receive the respect they deserve, but aren't currently getting.

  • Yes, violent officers should be prosecuted.

    Police officers convicted of violence should and must be prosecuted for their crimes. It is never right for a law enforcement officer to assault another person. Police officers should restrain themselves in tense situations. Any law enforcement officers convicted of violent acts should be punished by our criminal justice system.

  • They hurt the people.

    Officers know that they are seldom held accountable for when they abuse their power. They just hand the case off to one of their buddies in blue who declines to prosecute. Then they talk about how great they are by protecting other people. Offenders need to be prosecuted to send a message to other people.

  • Uncalled for violence is crossing a line.

    I think the officer should be investigated to determine if the woman provoked him or not. If she didn't, then he should definitely be prosecuted. It doesn't matter that his victim was a woman, there are lines of decency that police officers should not cross. I understand that it's probably one of the hardest jobs on the planet, maybe police officers everywhere need more training.

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