Officer fired for carrying weapon into a Walmart store while on duty: Should officers be allowed to wear weapons into stores?

  • Why would they do that

    This officer is on duty and therefore should have the right to carry their own weapon this also protects the officers from all the crime on the streets criminals are everywhere and if they see a cop or police officer without any protection then unfortunately they are going to attack

  • Yes, if they are on duty, they should be allowed to wear theie weapons at all times.

    If a police officer is on duty, he should be allowed to carry his weapon at all times. There are several reasons for this. If there were an event to occur in the store, how could the office protect the public if his weapon were in his car? Also, if he were to leave his weapon in his vehicle, it would encourage the possible theft of said weapon.

  • Off-duty officers should be allowed to carry their weapons

    Conceal carry and open carry are legal in many states. To infringe on this can be unconstitutional. Police officers should not be limited in this aspect like citizens are. Depending on the circumstances, the officer should not have been fired for carrying a weapon off duty while in a store.

  • Yes, if an officer is on duty, he has a right to keep his weapon.

    This is another example of misplaced good intentions. If someone is legally authorized to carry a weapon and they are on duty, I don't see a problem. Meanwhile, in Miami, apparently you can not only carry your gun in baggage claim, you can pull it out and shoot people. Ridiculous.

  • Everyone should be allowed.

    The world would be a lot safer if more people carried guns around. People would be less interested in robbing and assaulting other people if they knew that there would be someone nearby with a weapon. That officer should have been able to take a weapon with him wherever he goes.

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