Officer in crash wasn't given DUI test: Should police officers be subject to the same laws as everyone else?

  • Yes, police officers should be subject to the same laws as everyone else.

    Yes, police officers should be subject to the same laws as everyone else because even police officers are capable of making egregious mistakes. In America today, there has been a lot of controversy about police officers shooting unarmed African American individuals, and in some cases the police officers have been found to be at fault of racial profiling. In regards to DUI, police officers should be treated the same as regular citizens.

  • Everyone should go through the same procedure.

    It shouldn't matter who you are. They know what the cop was doing before they crashed. He could've probably caused or could've responded if he was DUI. But they didn't test officer so they don't know what really, could've possibly happened. Just because you enforce the law doesn't, mean are the law.

  • Police Officers Should Be Subject to Same Laws as Ordinary Citizens

    A police officer was recently implicated in a crash, yet wasn't given a DUI test. Police officers should not be exempt from the same laws that they enforce. They are also citizens of this democracy and, as a result, should be beholden to the rules and regulations that uphold it.

  • Yes, police should actually be held to a higher standard.

    As the police are charged with monitoring the public, they should certainly be expected to follow the same laws and regulations. If they cannot be expected to behave without being given extra license due to their uniform, how can we expect them to deal with the public appropriately without taking brides or otherwise engaging in illicit activities.

  • Yes, police should be subject to the same laws as everyone else

    Yes, police should be subject to the law just like everyone else. When police start slipping through the cracks of the law is when a police state starts to form. Corruption in law enforcement is a huge problem that will only get worse if nothing is done about it. Police today have way too much freedom in what they can say and do (and get away with). If police were tried just like everyone else, we would see so many more police officers behind bars.

  • No because he's white

    Because! He is a white man in a white world with white privileges and deserves to drink without black excuses! The man is confused of why he's in the picture. He has a lot of arm showing off to promote his encouragement of his DUI! Please giv no officer no problemo!!!

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