Offshore wind farms: Are offshore wind farms a good idea?

  • Yes good plan

    You can go and think about this i think its a horrifically good idea just not near my house ans im not going to tell you my address because im not weird . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 11 1 1

  • Green energy supply

    The turbines can supply clean energy to over 1,000,000 British citizens in a time of environmental crisis. The only other alternative to these wind farms would be making new nuclear plants creating CO2 and the cycle continues. Overall wind farms are the only smart and safe option to do to save the environment and help the economy.

  • Yes, they are green energy.

    Yes, offshore wind farms are a good idea, because they are a cost-effective way to generate green energy. With the wind farm being in a lake or ocean, the wind farm isn't as likely to inconvenience other people. The noise pollution from the windmills is less likely to be a problem. Offshore is a good place for them.

  • Wind farms in general are smart.

    Honestly I feel that wind farms should be put anywhere we can afford to put them, offshore and on shore. So much wind energy is wasted and while it's true that birds sometimes fly into them on accident and things of that nature, technically natural selection would eventually weed out birds who do so.

  • Wind power bad

    This is a rubbish idea and you should feel ashamed of coming up with such nonsense. Think about your actions and you cam see how many people disagree with what your doing about this. It says i need 12 more words so im going to tell you that this is all rubbish and if you do it i will cry and cause a riot. So think about and im watching......... :) :) :) :) :)

  • They produce energy weather on land or in the sea

    No mater wether they are on land or in the sea wind turbines still produce energy that's why they are a UK wide sensation casing people to become scared and if they go in the sea put them far out not close to land so people that are scared of wind turbines will still go to the beach

  • Offshore wind farms are not good.

    Offshore wind farms have killed many aquatic animals and could have slowed down hurricane Katrina but you would of needs 74 THOUSAND wind turbines to do so. There arent many places to place wind turbines either. Also if Us put wind turbines into water Chine would gradually get mad and cause a war.

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