• Yes it should.

    Planned parenthood offers other services, sure, but this is a red herring argument. Planned parenthood offers services like STD testing and cancer screening, but think about the name of the business... "planned parenthood." It's a business whose focus is on controlling and regulating pregnancies. The way to define this business is to look at what they offer that a hospital or general practitioner does NOT provide, which is namely: abortions.

    Here are some things to consider. When a woman enters planned parenthood intending to have an abortion performed, it is required that she undergo certain panels like STD testing or pregnancy tests in general if it's the first trimester of an abortion. It's not like 4,000,000 people went to planned parenthood specifically for the service of STD testing, it's just part of a standard panel for all patients that receive pregnancy services at the facility. Plus, their website tries to blur a statistic by stating that STD services are offered to both women AND men. Without outright stating how many of the patients were actually men. I would bet it's a vastly small minority, in fact I'd be surprised if it's even 1%, but I would welcome someone who has the actual data, because I don't.

    What I do know though, is that the planned parenthood website ( ) lists its data as "services offered" rather than "patients served" to also blur the line and muddy the statistic to make people think that only 3% of patients who use planned parenthood do so for the purpose of abortions. The reason this is misleading, is because 1 patient may undergo several services, in addition to an abortion. A republican report claimed that 94% of patients (not services) from planned parenthood received pregnancy related services, including contraception and abortion. This number is also misleading, but does well to illuminate the misconception that the majority of planned parenthood patients receive STD testing services.

    Another interpretation of data that needs to be considered is that if a woman comes in to receive an abortion, but is only with the first week or two of her pregnancy, planned parenthood does not call that an abortion, but rather refers to it as "emergency contraception." This is significant because even though those people are receiving a different service label, they came to the facility with the same intent as someone in their 25th week of pregnancy.

    So now that that argument is passed, here is why I think they should be defunded:
    Women can receive wider range of care at other centers. In addition to roughly 1,200 federally qualified health clinics there are over 2,000 pregnancy centers that provide medical testing, prenatal care, ultrasounds and child-birth classes, among other services to women facing unplanned pregnancies. Also, Planned Parenthood has been accused of financial fraud with taxpayer dollars. In 2013, an affiliate payed a settlement of over $4 million to Texas for Medicaid fraud. Similar investigations revealed over $8 million in possible fraud across nine states.

  • Planned Parenthood funds

    I am of the opinion that responsible parenthood is something that should be ingrained in people's minds from children and something that they are acutely aware of. I do not feel that this is something, regardless of potential benefits, that should be subsidised by the Government. This is unfair to those people who are more responsible personally.

  • Women's health would still be fine without PP.

    The non-abortion services aren't worth the half a billion dollars planned parenthood thinks they need.

    Senate proposals to make birth control pills available over the counter without a prescription sounds way better than walking through protestors into a PP clinic for contraception.
    Anyone who comes in for an abortion is offered an STD screening. "Ya what the heck why not, I'm here anyway". There are over a thousand other non-abortion clinics who offer it too. Go there.
    Cancer screenings lol. I can feel my own breasts for lumps. If I find one I'll Google where the nearest mammogram machine is cause it sure as hell ain't at Planned Parenthood like they said. Cervical cancer screenings, I find that rather odd. Young women don't typically get cervical cancer and the vast majority who receive PP services are young women. They probably do them just to say they do something. Else.

  • Ohio Gov. defunds PP: Should Planned Parenthood be defunded

    Ohio Gov. defunds PP: Should Planned Parenthood not be defunded. Defunding of Planned Parenthood in Ohio would have negative consequences and women would be greatly affected. Issues such as new born babies, infant mortality, expectant mothers, violence against women, and minority and HIV/AIDS would be given less consideration which is a serious concern.

  • No, Planned Parenthood should not be defunded.

    I believe many people are unaware of all the key services provided by Planned Parenthood. Many Christians equate Planned Parenthood with abortion. While abortions are performed, Planned Parenthood also is a provider of HIV testing, health screenings and prevention of violence against women. It is my opinion that narrow-minded anti-abortionists are looking to defund an extremely beneficial institution.

  • Planned Parenthood should recieve more support

    No, Planned Parenthood should receive the same amount or more funding than it currently does because it helps to educate people about sex, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy and more. Without adequate funding, there would be a decrease in services available for those in need, and we would most likely see a rise in unnecessary and unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and infections, and a general lack of knowledge about the safety of sexual practices.

  • No, because Ohio is using it to eliminate a legal choice.

    If clinic A offers reproductive services (including abortion) and clinic B offers reproductive services *except* abortion, then clinic B is not offering the complete range of services. Clinic B should also be suspect because it has an agenda to prevent women from exercising a legal option. The Ohio legislature clearly has an agenda to eliminate that legal option for women (at least for women with limited resources). They also appear to be reacting to the false claims by many GOP politicians that Planned Parenthood is selling the aborted fetus to make a profit (another reason their action is wrong).

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