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  • No, the odds are against it

    It is unwise to bet on winning the Ohio Lottery, as a little mathematical calculation quickly reveals. The return on investment per ticket is so low that it is virtually certain to be a waste of money; even buying tickets in bulk does not improve the return on investment, because the odds of any given ticket winning the lottery are extremely low.

  • Mostly it is a waste of time and money.

    When everything is taken into account it is better to work for the million or so dollars rather than spending it on lottery tickets. A person would probably end up spending much more trying to get the winning lotto ticket than doing work and saving it. If the person had the time and money to do it just for fun that would be a different story but for most it would be smarter for them to just work and save.

  • The lottery is a distraction for the poor, the odds are against us

    The likelihood of winning the lottery is astronomically low. Though in some states the lottery helps fund public programs, like education in Florida, the lottery in general normalizes gambling in a community already at risk to addiction. The prize money offered is corrupting, and tremendously higher than any individual or family would ever need. Expecting a lottery pay-out when buying a ticket is bad sense and willful denial.

  • No, it is not smart to bet on winning the $258 Million.

    No, it is not smart to bet on winning the $258 Million because the chances are so slim. If you live your life thinking you can win the lottery, you are going about it all wrong. You will end up losing far more money in the long run, so it is not worth it.

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