Ohio State attacker describes himself as "scared" Muslim: Are more Muslims scared after Trump's election?

  • Yes, more Muslim's are afraid after Trump's election.

    Yes, there are more Muslim's in the United States and abroad who are afraid after Trump's election. Trump's violent anti-Islam and anti-Muslim rhetoric has created fear within diverse communities in the United States, such as high school and elementary schools, and it has inspired fear for those abroad especially who are seeking asylum or have families in America.

  • Yes, i agree.

    Yes, this is very true. More Muslims are actually scared after Donald Trump won the elections as the President of the United States of America. This is because of what Trump had initially said about the Muslims leaving United Sates and also the registration process that he wishes to conduct.

  • Yes, but most not scared enough to act this way

    I believe there are a lot of people scared after the election of Trump, and for good reason. He has been very vocal in his disdain of certain groups, and when you have a leader that acts this way, people feel that it is okay to show their hatred towards these groups. However, I don't believe that most of these people who are scared are going to act violently towards others. There are obviously other issues at play here.

  • They are just unhappy about the result.

    Muslims know that Trump isn't going to do anything of the things he promised to do. Also, he never said that he would kick any Muslims out. Rather Trump just wants to make sure that the people coming into the country do not have the intent to hurt lawful citizens. That includes other Muslims. Muslims are unhappy with the result of the election, but that doesn't mean they are scared.

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