Oil sands: Are oil sands a good/competitive energy source?

  • Yes, they produce a lot of energy.

    Yes, oil sands are a competitive energy source, because they are plentiful and they produce a lot of evidence. Oil sands are a type of oil, and the oil harvested from the oil sands are valuable for a lot of energy. The United States should do everything it can and explore all options in order to reduce its dependence on foreign oil.

  • No Blood for Oil Sands

    I was unaware of the existence of "oil sands" until this moment, but I'm not for it. This seems like just another way to distract the us from the fact that we are dependent on our oil sources like heroin addicts. We're so quick to hop on the bandwagon for pointing the finger of blame on "foreign oil" and disregard the fact that any oil is just a temporary source. There are a multitude of other natural, efficient, clean energy sources available, but when it comes down to it the American People aren't ready to sacrifice to secure a more stable future

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