Oil sands: Are oil sands safe for local environment?

  • Yes oil sand are safe.

    Oil sands form naturally over time as is, so yes they are safe for the environment. The build up and pack together as time moves forward and oil leaks out of certain parts of the world, so since they are naturally forming most of the time then they are part of the environment.

  • There is not much evidence to support that oil sands are unsafe

    There are not major concerns with oil sands. Environmental groups always make a big deal of everything, however generally there is no concern. Similar to natural gas fracking, where environmental groups are up in arms trying to raise lawsuits, there is just no hard evidence to support claims that it is dangerous to the local population, only concerns. While oil can be dangerous to the local population, this is not the case when properly managed. Oil sands are safe for the local environment.

  • No there are not.

    It can make fish poison and let people could not eat fish , they could not
    fishing. They make oil sand hot and make oil to gas ,but it can let air got pollution. Still it can make world better.
    I have watched an BBC video about it , I knew it.

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