Oil tycoon lost $9.2 billion in six months: Are oil companies in trouble?

  • Oil companies are definitely in trouble

    Oil companies are definitely in trouble. This is because they are currently bleeding money and no one can do anything about it. The laws of supply and demand are in force. Unless the U.S. creates their own OPEC-style commission that regulates national prices, we might be for a really bumpy ride.

  • Increased Market Competition

    The recent fall in gas prices might have caused great turmoil for certain investors, but the oil companies are not all in trouble. It is my belief that the deregulation of oil prices will increase market competition in the oil industry thereby stimulating economies. The only companies that will be in trouble are those with high debt that have collateral in the oil industry. What oil companies need to do is invest in other forms of energy that are more sustainable. Oil isn't forever.

  • One idiot doesn't make for a trend.

    I'm assuming those billions of dollars were lost by an American oil tycoon. In fact, I believe it's the guy who had to pay out $975 million to his wife in a divorce settlement. It's not about oil, it's about this guy making some poor life choices and bad business decisions. I sincerely doubt the Saudis are having much of an issue with money flow these days and their oil runs the world.

  • Oil Companies are not in trouble,even if one tycoon lost 9.2 billion in 6 months.

    Oil companies in trouble ? HAH.

    The oil companies have more money than many of the other large companies in commodities. This is due to one thing and one thing only -WE need Oil. Yes, we need gas to drive our giant Suv's, crossover's and luxury sedans, but oil is also many of the products we use today.

    Cooking spray is a petroleum product (really,check out the label), there is oil in may of our tools, rubber mats, etc.. With our love for petroleum and the fact that no matter the price we still consume oil to no end, the oil companies may have taken a hit in the last few weeks, but they are definetely not in trouble.

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