OkCupid's Firefox protest: Should a company be boycotted if the CEO opposes gay marriage?

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  • Pointless boycotting of companies for CEO opinion

    The opinion of a CEO has no relevance to the company's product. Unless they are actively supporting terrorism then it makes no difference what the CEO of a company thinks and individuals are entitled to their personal opinions without it affecting their business. Most bosses of most companies have their own opinions and some are undoubtedly going to be unpopular with some sections of the community, so do we boycott every company because of the CEO's opinion? In that case, we'd be able to do business with no one.

  • No a company should not be boycotted based upon the CEO's opposition to gay marriage.

    Companies should not be boycotted based upon opposition of their Chief Executive Officers (CEO) to gay marriage. A CEO's personal opinion is just that, "their" personal opinion. It is not the official policy of their employing organization and absent action by the company making it official company policy no boycott should be imposed.

  • No, everyone has a right to believe what they want.

    No, everyone has a right to believe what they want. We should not boycott someone just because they believe differently than we do. If we start doing that then we are no better than the people who are opposing gay marriage in the first place. Be an example of how someone should act and maybe they will learn from you.

  • No, I don't think a company should be boycotted if the CEO opposes gay marriage.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions regardless of what they are, I believe that people who disagree with the CEO's opinions are free not to utilize that product or service but overall I don't think there should be mass boycotts because of someones personal opinion regarding a very controversial topic.

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