Old Earth Creationism vs. Young Earth Creationism: Is Old Earth Creationism compatible with belief in the Bible?

  • Young Earth Creationists are stupid.

    Sorry if my Headline came off as rude, but...In the case of YE Creationist's I believe it's warranted.

    The Hebrew word for "Day" is Yom. Now Yom doesn't just mean a literal 24 Hour time period, it can also mean long periods of time. Also, it's impossible that the Bible was talking about normal days because the Sun and Stars weren't created until much later!

    Also, if I must continue. What you have to ask yourself was, what was the purpose of Genesis at the time it was written?

    Well, at the time it was written the various pagan cultures around the Israelites worshiped the created rather than the Creator. Various tribes worshiped animals, the moon, sun, etc. The purpose of Genesis was to show God's supreme power and sovereignty over all of Creation. In a sense, it was to dispel all of the beliefs in the created having power and divinity.

    Genesis Ch.1 was never meant to be interpreted as "literal", it's written with beautiful poetic language that shows the power of the Creator. It's more than likely allegory.

    What YE Creationists need to understand is that there are different forms of literature throughout the Bible. To try to help them see why they're wrong, do they believe in a Literal reading of Revelations? No, they don't. It's clearly a form of Apocalypse. A type of literature that speaks of divine revelation about the end times.

    Young Earth Creationism is simply bad science. Old Earth Creationism is more sound, and I still will make an argument towards evolution being compatible with scripture, why? Because Genesis Ch.1 is clearly meant to be read as allegory.

  • Yes, a day is a year.

    Yes, Old Earth Creationism is compatible with belief in the Bible, because the Bible says that a day can be a year and a year can be a day. God created the world in 7 days, but he didn't say how long each day was. It is possible that the evenings and mornings mentioned in the Bible were much longer periods of time. This would be consistent with old earth theories.

  • Yes, the Bible is silent on the issue of old earth vs. young earth.

    Yes, Old Earth Creationism is compatible with the Bible, because the Bible is not clear on whether the earth is old or young. In Genesis, the Bible said that there was evening and morning each of the first seven days. However, the Bible did not say how long each of those days was. It is unclear whether they were twenty-four hours, or several million years. The earth could be very old, and that is not inconsistent with the Bible.

  • Compatable... But not probable

    While it is possible that Old Earth is true, Biblically, I do not find it probable.

    There really isn't ask much evidence as people think for old Earth, most of it coming from radioactive dating. Unfortionantly, radioactive dating often produces inconsistant results, calling rocks recently formed by volcanos millions of years old. It also relies on the half lifes of unstable isotopes not changing throughout the years. Not only is it sometimes wrong, we don't even know if the basis of it is true. Radioactive dating is becoming more and more questioned in the scientific community.

    Besides, if God created the trees as full trees, and Adam and Eve as adults, then there's no reason He couldn't have created a fully formed universe.

    Also, if we start taking liberties with what the Bible REALLY means, then we can change anything to be metaphorical or alleterative. This makes us our own gods.

    Tschuk, a day can be a 24 hour period with or without a sun. God probably knew how long it had been. And also, I don't think God would have created an entire fake account and called it scripture just so that other religions would know that the Israelites had a religion. Also, Revelation was presented as a vision, not as a recorded account, making it completely different from Genesis.

    Besides, people in the Bible often reference Genesis as if it had actually happened. Also, if we start discounting Biblical accounts as 'unscientific' we could easily say that every miraculous event or at least all of Genesis was metaphorical.

    Not to mention that evolution is actually struggling among the highest scientific minds, because the evolutionests have actually got together and tried to brainstorm evolution ideas because they knew evolution didn't work. We don't see the fossils of transitional forms of species, and evolution happening in huge jumps is completely improbable.

  • One day=one day

    The bible says SIX DAYS not fifty billion years. That means the earth was created in six literal twenty four hour periods. The bible does not say how long each day was because it assumes we have brains. ONE DAY IN NOT TEN MILLION YEARS. Get that in your heads. Six days= six twenty four hour periods

  • No a day is a day

    The bible talks about in exodus that the days in creation are a yom which means a literal 24 hour day. Also, there are many marine fossils in the mountain areas. This is from noahs flood. The old earth creationists believe there was only a local flood. They believe that the continents rose out of the water and it took billions of years. This is not true!

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