• Puritans say yes you should too

    Be us all thee sinning folk, We though unite against the vvitches who are hurtin us homes and good people, Always abide by thee Puritan Law sinnin folk. And say yes to this great causes of Mc Donalds Farm.
    Be ye all sinnier VOTE YES

    Signed- VVitch finder geeneral jr. Deputy Dancell-Dallphebo-Mark-Anthony-Gallery-Cesar

  • Listen to this

    Old mcdonald had a farm, Ei ei o!
    And kn that farm he had some spam. Ei ei o!
    And a slam spam there and a spam spam there. Spam spam everywhere spam spam
    old mcdonald had a farm ei eio!

    Old mcdonald had a farm ei ei o
    and on that farm he had jamal stupid fat jamal
    theres a joker there and starlords there. Spammers spammers everywhere
    old mcdonald had a farm, Ei ei o!

  • Contrary to popular belief Old MacDonald did not had a farm

    Old MacDonald has started a fast food enterprise all over the world that sells fries and cheeseburgers and disguised himself as a clown (Ronald McDonald) to run away from his past. However, It is indeed true that Mary did indeed had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow.

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