Olive Garden Pasta Passes Resold on Ebay: Is it unethical to resell Olive Garden's Pasta Pass to the highest bidder?

  • Olive Garden's $100 Pasta Pass Is Now $300 on Ebay

    It appears as if everyone who bought Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Pass is trying to resell it on eBay for a profit. The $100 deal announced by the chain earlier this week buys pasta-philes all the noodles their carb-loving hearts desire for seven straight weeks. Only 1,000 cards were up for grabs and they sold out pretty quickly. But do not fret chicken scampi lovers: You can currently buy a pass off of eBay for a bid of around $152. For those who have no time for bidding and only time for pasta, one seller will even give you two passes for $600 (and it comes with free shipping!).

    Previously, eBay hosted a bidding frenzy for limited-edition Starbucks' gift cards. Last December, one person managed to sell a $450 rose metal gift card for a cool $2,075. In 2012, Starbucks' limited edition holiday card fetched $1,100. Comparatively, even at $300 — which works out to just over $6 a day — the Olive Garden pass sounds like a steal. Willing to eat pasta for the next 49 days? Bid now.

  • i agree, it may harm compnay's customer relationship

    It is unethical to sell pasta passes to higher bidder in eBay, because these passes are given by olive garden to attract customers in regular basis, pasta passes helps company to have a bond with its customer. Selling passes in eBay may damage the Olive Garden's value chain relationship too.

  • The ethics have nothing to do with the pasta pass

    There is no reason for there to be any ethical debate behind this. If someone wants to sell an item that they were given, then they can sell it. You can also resell a birthday present that you know you will never use- it might not be nice to do this, but that doesn't imply that it is unethical.

  • No, it is not unethical to resell Olive Garden's Pasta Pass.

    Olive Garden has made news recently for the fact that they don't even know how to make pasta correctly. Now, with the Olive Garden Pasta Passes selling out and many showing up on ebay, Olive Garden should be thankful for the good publicity. Those who are reselling them are making some money which may allow them to buy the salt needed to make good pasta at home.

  • if someone buys it let them have it.

    If someone has placed a big on a item , then let them have it, if they dont have the smarts or time to buy thier own pasta pass themselves and want to do so on ebay thats thier issue, mabe they prefer shopping on ebay. Unlimited pasta for over a month , I would be tired of pasta.

  • Not My Choice

    As long as Olive Garden isn't selling them, then I think it would unethical to prevent it. People can do what ever they want with their passes - if they want to hold an eBay auction and get as much money as they can for it, and if there are people willing to go bid on it - I wouldn't, but then I'll choose not to, simple as that - then I think there's no point to saying they can't, or trying to stop them. Nobody is being forced to buy those passes for 5 times the original price, that's a choice that someone made, and while I believe it's a rather stupid one, it doesn't matter to me if someone else makes it. And props to the guys selling them for that much.

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