• resturants cutting corners to save money

    i dont believe ANY resturaunt is good or cheap as it used to be, in this economy they are all cutting corners to save money and raising prices at the same time, last thing i heard about olive garden was they are going to discontinue the unlimited breadsticks , alot of people go thier just for the breadsticks and soup lunch.

  • DRI Stock – Darden Down on Olive Garden, Starboard Pressures

    Shares of Darden Restaurants (DRI), which owns and operates thousands of restaurants under brand names like Olive Garden and LongHorn Steakhouse, are wavering as the market tries to evaluate everything that’s happened lately.

    DRI reported earnings minus non-recurring items of 32 cents per share in the fiscal first quarter, beating estimates by 2 cents. Revenue came in at $1.6 billion, in line with estimates and up over 4% from the same quarter last year. DRI stock gained over 3% in pre-market trading on the news, but shares have subsequently pulled back and were down more than 1% in the early afternoon.

  • They have great food.

    I've never lose weight eating at the Olive Garden, but they have great food. Their bow tie cheesecake dessert is my favorite. I never get sick of eating their pastas, and I love the zuppa toscana. I've been eating there for years and I haven't noticed any appreciable drop in quality. I wish they would keep their employees full time, but that doesn't affect their food.

  • It's a matter of "taste"

    To be completely honest, I just ate at the Olive Garden with a couple of friends not too long ago and we both LOVED It. I just think these days there is so much variety out there, and perhaps even at a cheaper cost. I think that is the number one reason why their sales may be at a "slump" at the moment.

  • Personal experience/personal preference, sorry.

    I ate some olive garden a couple of christmases ago. I had some creamy soup and bread thing and it was DELICIOUS. Three weeks ago I had some chicken salad thing. Wasn't as good. The breadsticks tasted "off". As far as service, both times it took very long for my food to be served. The second time, the waitress acted unenthusiastic and even a little cold. She didn't seem like a human. But as far as taste only, it wasn't worth it the second time. Wasn't as good as the time before. Personal experience.

    Posted by: Luie

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