• Absolutely, that's excellent!

    Just going three times a week would result in a major reduction in price and over 7 weeks that's 21 times, if you averaged just twice a week you'd be saving money, and honestly depending on your proximity it's more than worthwhile because it comes with free everything else needed to enjoy the pasta. I would buy this and I would dine high because I like pasta a lot.

  • It's a good deal.

    Yes, Olive Garden's Pasta Pass is worth buying, because it works out to a great deal. If you eat at Olive Garden even 10 times during the 7-week promotion, you've broken even. If you eat there 20 times, you only pay $5 per plate. If I had one of those passes, I would eat their five days a week and it would be $3 per place. What a deal!

  • Not worth it unless you dine out alot.

    I believe I am like most Americans that dine out once a week max. For me this would not be worth it at all for seven weeks. My math shows that if I ate there once a week for seven weeks, it would equate to about $14 per dinner, which isn't bad but I'd be tired of eating at the same place every week. I like my variety. I would be well worth it to a pasta obsessed person who would not tire of it and had the time to dine out often.

  • Olive Garden Pass

    No I do not think that the pasta pass at Olive Garden is worth buying. It is not very healthy to eat a large amount of pasta because it is filled with gluten. Gluten is not good to eat every day. It would be wiser to get a vegetable pass.

  • Make it yourself.

    Yes Olive Garden's Pastas are good but why go buy it when you can make it at home for cheaper and you can have it anytime you please for half the cost of eating out. By the time you drive to the location wait to sit wait for your food you can do it all at home and enjoy a family meal at home.

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Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-09-09T15:42:05.060
Interesting question,
but I'll have to pass on it.