• Olivia Munn is a good addition to X-Men

    Olivia Munn is a good addition to the X-Men cast. She is a good-looking and strong woman that looks like a super hero. She has a fierce, steely look in her eyes. She also exudes confidence and power, which are good qualities for a super hero and a role model.

  • Any young actress will do

    Any young actress will do, including Olivia Munn. This is because actors are paid to change into a role. They are not paid to reflect who they are as people In addition, makeup and costumes can change people into almost any role they need to be in. Olivia Munn will do a good job.

  • She's a good choice.

    Olivia Munn is a beautiful, popular and talented actress. Despite the fact that she hasn't been overly involved in action in the past she will be able to wise to the challenge. It's also good to see so many women being made a part of the franchise as it was in the original.

  • Any good actress can

    This is a smart move from a publicity standpoint with her and Aaron Rodgers being pretty popular in the news right now. They will be capitalizing on her current trendiness so in that aspect alone it makes her a good fit. Most of these movies are so computer animated and doctored that anyone can really be a good fit, so I think she will be just fine.

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