Olivia Wilde's Breastfeeding Photo Causes a Stir: Should breastfeeding be allowed in public?

  • It's a natural thing to do.

    Breastfeeding is literally feeding a baby. I think it should be allowed in public. If a child is hungry then it needs feeding, shouldn't try and make it illegal to do something that's so natural and a bonding experience. I do think women shouldn't be on show though, some etiquette is needed. It's better than in some countries where a child relieves themselves on the street. If they are allowed to do that in public then why no breast feed

    Posted by: sj91
  • Breastfeeding is healthy for a baby

    Breastfeeding is so much more healthier for a baby than formula and also it tightens the bond against the mother and child. Like honestly, it's just a breast. It's natural. If it makes you uncomfortable, leave. If you think it's disgusting, you're blind. The baby is hungry and is getting food, it's almost like anyone else eating.

  • Yes, it Should.

    Breastfeeding should be allowed in public. I mean, it's for the /child/. If the baby is hungry, they need to be fed. And, I'm not a mother, but I would assume it would be difficult at times to find a private space to breastfeed your baby. There might not be any public restrooms near or the mother might want to stay with the group she's outing with. But I really don't think breastfeeding is anywhere close to public indecency. It's not like she's brazenly displaying her breasts to the public, is she? She's doing it for a purpose and once that purpose is met, she pulls her shirt back into place.
    So many people complain about public breastfeeding, but have you ever walked past a Victoria's Secret or lingerie shop? Which do you think is more indecent? A mother feeding or child or an oftentimes barely-covered supermodel?

  • Stop over-sexualizing breasts.

    There is nothing sexual about giving a baby milk from a teet.

    We don't sexualize udders, why do we sexualize boobs?

    Further evidence of the Patriarchy and our puritanical indoctrination.

    It's time to stop complaining when we see the skin we want to see.

    BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN!? The children are hungry, that's why the boob is out to begin with.

    If your child is so traumatized by the sight of a boob, you're a terrible parent anyway and your child was doomed to failure from the beginning.

    Stop being a bad parent.

  • Personal discomfort is no sufficient reason

    There are many things that people sometimes regard as offensive to look at in public, such as couples kissing, same sex couples showing affection, other people with weird clothing styles and old people on skateboards.

    We know that breastfeeding is beneficial for the child and that it can help to calm the infant in public and also that hunger is something infants have less control over than adults. All this means that women have good reasons to breastfeed their children in public.
    Breasts are shown via mass media every day but seeing them out of the sexual context it is suddenly disturbing?

    People need to accept their personal discomfort because it is nothing that harms them, their children or their personal freedom. And you can't just ban everything that you don't want to look at.

  • Yes it should:

    There is no logical reason why it should not be allowed in public. Deep social stigma is not a good excuse for the rejection of healthy behaviors and the hypersexualization of society has nothing to do with the core issue of breastfeeding, being that of a stigmatized element in many "first-world" human societies.

  • Yes women should be allows to breastfeed in public.

    I don't understand why people were upset with Ms. Wilde's breastfeeding photo. The photo shows a mother performing a natural act, feeding her infant! Breast milk is so beneficial to a child that the we should encourage mothers to breastfeed, as opposed to making difficult and putting them up to ridicule.

  • Yes it should

    Breastfeeding should absolutely be allowed in public. It is a natural thing, and something a baby absolutely needs. It should be encouraged, in fact, because the acceptance of public breastfeeding will help ensure that mother's, who can, choose to breastfeed their little babies. Anyone, who discourages this is a disgrace to society.

  • I'm NOT against breastfeeding, but there's a time and place for everything.

    Doing it in Public is wrong. I wonder how many young mothers have been watched by sexual deviants, as they breastfed their baby? Plenty, I'm sure. In Public, you don't know who is watching. What kind of sick arousal they may be getting? Or the violent thoughts they may be having? Personally, that alone would deter me from breastfeeding in Public. It should be a special time, between mother & child -- not a Peep-show for a sexual predator!

  • Cover up please

    Everyone who is for this argues that is natural. So is having sex and taking a dump. Come on. Just because something is "natural" doesn't mean the whole world wants to see it. What's so hard about covering up. These moms are just trying to get attention. Give me a break

  • Ahhh the breastfeeding debate!

    Breastfeeding in public in my opinion is not acceptable. As a mother who breastfed, I would find an out of the way place to feed. While it is a very personal thing, it is the people around you that are made to feel uncomfortable. It can potentially force a parent to have to have a conversation with their child they were not prepared for amongst other things. Mom's, it's trendy and some might say cool, but it has it's place.

  • No, I don't think breast-feeding should be allowed in public.

    While I'm likely in the minority, I don't believe breast-feeding should be done in public, although I'm not convinced it should be illegal. Part of the reason is personal experience. I remember seeing it done as a small child, and it stuck with me as something very peculiar. While people could argue that it should be more normal and thus less traumatizing to kids, I think breast-feeding is a sacred moment/experience between baby and mother, and should be reserved for the privacy of one's home. Especially with how objectified breasts our in our culture, I'm surprised that any women feel comfortable breastfeeding in public.

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