Olympic Athlete finishes marathon after 54 years: Was it appropriate to invite him back after he had quit the race?

  • Yes, it was appropriate to invite the runner back.

    The story of second chances is one that warms everyone's heart for a reason: because we all have had our regrets in life, and would like do-over attempts at certain things. Giving this runner a chance to solve his own riddle of regret was a wonderful story, and the invite should be applauded.

  • Yes, the Olympic marathon runner should be invited back

    The Olympic runner was a Japanese athlete who collapsed during his marathon run in 1912 and was too embarrassed to face the authorities. It was appropriate to invite him back to complete the race as a act of respect for the sport and he accepted the invitation. It shows the determination and pride of this man.

  • Yes it was.

    It was a moving and amazing guesture. Also the fact that he was able to finish the race after all those years speaks to his amazing athletism. The Olympic are more than a competition of the world's best atheletes, they are also a way for people around the world to come together and celebrate.

  • Definitely, why not?

    I think it is commendable that the Olympic Committee were able and willing to give this man closure. I'm sure it has weighed on him all of his life. We all have that one thing that we quit on. You know, the one thing we have always regretted not following through with. What a blessing for this man to be able to go back and fix it.

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